People’s interest in Green Politics growing, says iGP


Press Release

Unchir-Dunktok, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, 1 August 2022: The India Greens Party (iGP) today said people’s interest in Green Politics in the country is on rise and a very bright future for the party lies ahead.

On the occasion of crossing the 158,500 hits on its official website today morning, the India Greens Party (iGP) thanked those people who have visited the party’s website and shown their interest in Green Ideology and Politics.

The official website of the India Greens Party had crossed the 100,000-mark on 31 July 2021. This means the website received more than 58,500 hits during the last one year. Credit for this also goes to Michael Rajchandra, the IT Committee Convener and Coordinator of the party’s website.

In a press release issued on the occasion, the iGP Co-Presidents Nazeema AK and Rajendra Minj termed it “not a small achievement” for the party.

“This clearly shows that the people are taking more and more interest in Green Ideology and Politics,” pointed out party’s Chief Spokesperson Prabhath Prabhakaran.

“One can wonder how difficult has been the Green journey in a negatively polarised world; and, how arduous has it been to build the party,” party’s Founder, Patron and Mentor Suresh Nautiyal.

“We express thanks and gratitude to all those people who visited the party’s website (,” the iGP leaders added.

The party, initiated on 2 July 2017, was formally founded on 18 November 2018, and registered by the Election Commission of India on 18 July 2019. Today, the party has its footprints in more than 27 states/union territories of the country.

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(India Greens Party is registered with the Election Commission of India under Section 29A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. Registration Number: 56/476/2018-19/PPS-I, effective from 18/07/2019.)

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