Coronavirus: Whether one-day Janata Curfew will work, asks India Greens Party

Press Statement

Rajakhet (Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand), 22 March 2020: The India Greens Party (IGP) today said that social distancing will undoubtedly help in breaking the chain of Coronavirus infection but the country actually needed better infrastructures like hospitals, medical research centres, virus study centres, laboratories, health camps, medicines, doctors, care givers, donors and support of government and communities for facilitating and helping the affected.

The party President Suresh Nautiyal said in a press statement here that the medical care centres, hospitals and communities, all over the world, have been practicing social distancing or isolation since time immemorial by putting the patients in quarantine, so there was nothing new in Mr Modi’s appeal. 

India is observing an unprecedented shutdown on 22 March 2020 following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal for a janata curfew, where people have been urged to voluntarily stay indoors from 0700 hrs to 2100 hrs to check the spread of Coronavirus. 

 “Now, the moot question is for how long the practice of quarantine or social distancing will work and how effective just one-day social distancing will be,” wondered the IGP President.

Mr Nautiyal said the Modi Government needed to find better ways wherein the daily wage earners, small shopkeepers, homeless, sick, inland and foreign travellers, etc, are not ignored completely.

He said that the government was required to stop rumours and create an environment of science and technology and build more hospitals instead of expensive statues. 

“Do not we need to spend more on health and research than on military and paramilitary forces,” asked the leader of the green party, adding that even the mightiest Army in the world cannot fight the viruses if they are spread at large-scales. 

“Therefore, better we create adequate infrastructures and facilities in the health, education and research sectors and not spend mindlessly on military, paramilitary forces and image building, etc,” Mr Nautiyal stated, adding that it was still debatable how the Thali Bajao (beating the saucer) exercise will eliminate the Coronavirus.

– Press Statement issued by the IGP Spokesperson Michael Rajchandra.


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