On IWD, India Greens Party says it is learning gender-inclusive language


Press Statement

New Delhi, 8 March 2020: The India Greens Party (IGP) congratulates all women of the world on the occasion of the International Women’s Day (IWD), which is observed on 8 March every year to celebrate the indomitable womanhood.

In a press statement issued by the IGP Spokesperson Michael Rajchandra on the occasion, President Suresh Nautiyal said their organisation was already committed to ensure women’s equal participation in all spheres of life and in the organisation. 

He said the IGP is committed to the gender equity since its inception.

“The India Greens Party is committed to working towards gender equity. It is sad that even after several decades of Independence, women in the country and elsewhere continue to remain on the socio-cultural, economic and political margins. It is also sad that the world has made unprecedented advances, but no country has achieved gender equality,” said Mr Nautiyal.

“It is ironical that the numerous restrictions have kept 2.7 billion women in the world from accessing the same choice of jobs as men, less than 25 per cent of parliamentarians were women as of 2019 and one in three women still experience gender-based violence. No doubt that the women are angry and concerned about the future and, in fact, impatient for change,” he pointed out.

“As regards the party, gender equity is among the focal points of it and perhaps IGP is the only political organisation in India which has mandated in its constitution to include at least 50 percent women at all levels of the organisation and is looking forward to welcome a woman as its next President,” he said.

He said the IGP is also committed to empower the women members of the party through gender equity toolkit and training which eventually will benefit all the sexes.

Mr Nautiyal said the party is in the process of learning gender-inclusive language which means speaking and writing in a way that does not discriminate against a particular sex, social gender or gender identity, and does not perpetuate gender stereotypes. 

“The party is aware that using gender-inclusive language is a powerful way to promote gender equality and eradicate gender bias,” he pointed out.

“Peace along with communal harmony is urgently needed as country’s Constitution and communal amity are under attack from forces of division and hatred. The party hails our brave sisters who have been leading peaceful struggles to defend the citizenship rights of all our peoples,” the statement said.

“On this Day, the IGP recognises that women bear the burden of keeping the home fires burning despite loss of jobs and incomes and are bringing up children in adversity. The party expresses its solidarity with all the struggles of all Indian women,” Mr Nautiyal stated.

The party said the IWD is a time to reflect on the progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women, who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.

-Press Statement issued by the IGP Spokesperson Michael Rajchandra


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