Waste Management

India Greens is of the belief that the waste management policy must aim at zero waste generation to conserve Nature for future generations. It is of the view of that reducing, reusing and recycling of the waste is integral to effective waste management and achieving zero waste targets.

India Greens is also of the belief that the ecological and environmental issues need not be ignored while managing the waste. Besides, social, economic and ecological justice issues need to be taken into consideration while creating waste management mechanism.

India Greens, therefore, will:

01. Treat waste as a resource and ensure its reuse in a way that it achieves maximum social, economic and environmental benefits.

02. Create a comprehensive national waste management strategy addressing each stage of production and consumption cycle with mandatory targets for different categories of waste.

03. Adopt proper waste disposal techniques.

04. Prohibit open dumping of waste and the offenders to be penalised.

05. Provide facilities for time to time incineration of the waste.

06. Monitor and document generation of different waste streams especially hazardous ones, and keep all these to the minimum.

07. Phase out non-recyclable and hazardous wastes.

08. Incentivise public and industries for recycling and reusing products.

09. Manage the greenhouse gas emissions from the landfill sites.

10. Eliminate the incinerated waste materials which are toxic in nature.

11. Initiate a national container deposit scheme under which segregated dustbins be placed at different places for biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes, and public to be encouraged to responsibly dispose wastes in these dustbins.

12. Strictly label the industrial and electronic goods so that they cannot be used as household waste and landfill streams.

13. Launch a national labelling scheme for products that are biodegradable, reusable, recyclable and for products which are primarily made from recycled materials.

14. Support research, development and commercialisation of advanced waste processing.

-15. Keep the industries on a check so as to produce and distribute high quality, fit for purpose products, eliminating single use products, especially plastic, and promote cradle to grave policies to effect maximum reuse and recycling of resources and natural bounties.