Drugs And Addiction

India Greens is of the belief that use of any form of addictive drug or substance including alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical has the potential to be injurious to the health of a person. India Greens Party is also of the belief that the policies and programmes need to be undertaken in order to minimise harm caused by these substances.

Therefore, India Greens Party will:

01. Minimise or make zero harmful consumption of drugs and other addictive substances.

02. Ensure effective management, treatment, regulation and jurisdiction to drugs use in the community.

03. Minimise demand and supply to improve health and social outcomes.

04. Ensure universal access to drugs and alcohol treatment programmes, campaigns and rehabilitation centres.

05. Develop public awareness mechanisms with regard to the harm caused by such substances, risks, effects and safe use of drugs.

06. Develop drug substitution therapies, provide medically supervised injecting rooms, and accessible supply of clean needles.

07. Ensure proper funding of drug substitution treatment and therapy.

08. Initiate targeted health promotion strategies to promote healthier attitudes and behaviours towards smoking, drinking and drug use.

09. Ensure research trials and rigorous evaluation of drug treatment programmes.

10. Undertake counselling and treatment programmes .

11. Criminalise and penalise the trafficking of illicit drugs.

12. Ensure treatment, rehabilitation and restorative justice programmes.

13. Put ban on the direct, indirect or surrogate advertisement and promotion of smoking and alcohol which targets youth and encourages them to consume.

14. Tax alcoholic beverage on the basis of alcohol content and not its value.

15. Ban financial donations from such industries to the political parties.

16. Reduce the effects of passive smoking by prohibiting smoking in public places.

17. Set up an independent drug regulatory authority to look into the circulation and curtailment of its consumption.

18. Ban free consumption of alcohol in bars, pubs and clubs because the free facilities at such places lead to overconsumption of such substances.