Energy And Climate Change

India Greens is of the belief that energy and climate change issues are overlapping and therefore there is a need to work towards net zero or net negative greenhouse gas emissions in India by 2040-50.

Therefore, India Greens Party will:

01. Remove all subsidies to the fossil fuel industry and curb their activities like mining, electricity generation and consumption to mitigate greenhouse emissions.

02. Work towards net zero carbon economy by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy through regulation and a strong effective price on carbon.

03. Create funds for comprehensive and integrated research on emission reduction plans with appropriate targets.

04. Ask the governments to responsibly address the climate change problems.

05. Transit towards 100 per cent renewable energy sources as soon as possible.

06. Support a range of renewable energy generation, storage and conservation technologies.

07. Create a mechanism wherein pricing of electricity and fossil fuels reflect their true cost including externalities.

08. Use smart technologies, metres, appliances, grids and energy storage with measures to reduce the financial strain on people with low incomes.

09. Promote use of zero emission vehicles.

10. Promote research, development and deployment of carbon neutral technologies for manufacturing and industry and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from sea and air transport.

11. Replace the direct use of fossil fuels in industrial processes.

12. Ensure government investment policies that divest from all fossil fuel extraction and consumption.