Wildlife Conservation

India Greens is of the belief that entire wildlife is part of the ecological systems and humans have the prime responsibility to protect it. India Greens Party is also of the belief that the policymakers need to work towards ending the brutality against animals and protect their habitats.

Therefore, India Greens Party will:

01. Act to end cruelty towards animals and wildlife.

02. Regulate captivity, transport and slaughter of animals.

03. Stop cruel and unnecessary use of animals for teaching and research purposes, innovations and technological advancement.

04. Put an end to the export of live animals for consumption purpose.

05. Put an end to the atrocious farming practices where animals are used in cruel ways.

06. Phase out intensive farming practices in meat, egg and dairy production. Instead, will promote these practices at smaller levels so that things are done organically and ecologically.

07. Put a ban on trading of animals for zoos.

08. Improve conservation standards for the endangered species.

09. Abolish inhumane use of animals for recreational and entertainment purpose.

10. Create scientific conditions for humane control and management of animals.

11. Launch proper education programmes and awareness campaigns for responsible pet ownership.

12. Ban sale and marketing of animals for testing cosmetics, medicines and other things.

13. Ban on unnecessary research on whale. Also, ban on whale slaughtering or import of whale meat.

14. Ban on killings of wild animals, birds, reptiles and other such species.