India has incredible and vibrant cultures and art forms. India Greens Party is of the belief that it is the responsibility of people and the governments to maintain the sanctity and purity of our cultures and art forms.

Therefore, India Greens Party will:

01. Formulate a national culture policy supporting and encouraging the local arts and programmes, and promoting access to art and cultural practices.

02. Recognise the role of local government bodies in the promotion of art and culture.

03. Protect the intellectual property rights of artists and cultural activists.

04. Support financially the emerging artists and cultural activists.

05. Encourage people with disabilities and give access to them to participate in art and cultural activities.

06. Provide state sponsorships to promote art and culture.

07. Promote private sponsorships and philanthropic activities to enhance art and culture.

08. Provide Rich and varied arts education to children at schools.