18th of November 2017.

Press Release

GUWAHATI, ASSAM: The India Greens Party (IGP) – fast emerging pan-India Green party —  in its first meeting in the Northeastern part of India,  today appointed Mr Suman Bahuguna as Coordinator for the Northeast and member of the IG Constitution Committee.

Now, Mr Mrinal Devburman (Convener Northeast) and Mr Suman Bahuguna will appoint Conveners and Coordinators in all eight Northeastern states – Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram and Tripura. Besides, they will help the state office bearers constitute their state-level bodies of the party.

Mr Devburman and Mr Bahuguna will also convene Northeast Convention of the party within next six months.

The meeting, held at Panjabari Road, Sixth Mile here, was attend among other by Asif Laskar, Ankur Kalita, Suman Bahuguna, Naveen Pradhan, and Hemanga Deka. The meeting was chaired by Mr Suresh Nautiyal, National Convener of the India Greens Party.

The meeting discussed several issues taking into account the problems related to the Northeast including socio-cultural, political and ecological.

On this occasion, Mr Nautiyal said the India Greens Party was the first political party which has reached out to the Northeast during its formative state. “I know very well that no party, including the so-called mainstream parties, have ever come to the Northeast for such consultations. We are here because we want to build a political party that has inclusion from all parts of the country, that has all the communities in it irrespective of their creed, caste, belief, ethnicity and region,” he pointed out.

“We want to make India Greens Party a party for all — women, youth, Adivasis, Dalits, mountain and coast dwellers, minority and underprivileged communities. We want to build a party that takes care of all, that thinks for all and represents all and with a commitment to its core values: ecological wisdom, sustainability, social justice, non-violence, participatory democracy and respect for democracy,” Mr Nautiyal emphasised.

Mr Suman Bahuguna said the ecological teaching was very important. “My observation is that the people stick to old practices which are no ecological all the times,” he said. He said his previous work was mainly devoted to Democracy and would like to further work on it.

Mr Hemanga Deka said there was an urgent need for a Green political in the given ecological circumstances. “The ecology and environment in the Northeast has deteriorated and a number of hydro-power projects are bound to worsen the ecology here. Also, the Northeastern part has largely been neglected and people in the so-called mainstream hardly know anything about the Northeast. We need a party that takes care of the peoples in the Northeast. I believe, India Greens Party will come up to the expectations of the peoples here. Let us see what we can do for this party,” Mr Deka added.

  • Press Release issued by: Suman Bahuguna, Northeast Coordinator, INDIA GREENS PARTY.