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We invite all Indian nationals with Green souls to support the India Greens Party (iGP) by making a donation. It is important to donate to the party if you want to become part of the Global Movement to protect the only Planet we have!

In order to maintain complete transparency and records we require few necessary details with respect to the donation, for which you have to fill up this mandatory form below before donating.

Please Note:

# The India Greens Party accepts donations/contributions only from Indian Nationals.

# To protect your privacy online you can mark yourself anonymous while filling the online form. This will prevent your information from appearing publicly on our website. At the same time, for us to be fully transparent, we do Not and Will Not accept any Anonymous Donations, Thus it is mandatory to be a registered user on our website and to also enter all necessary details required while donating. Donor details will only be shared with the authorised Government agencies like the Election Commission of India (ECI) if the need ever arises.

# The annual limit of donations from an individual is Rs 1,20,000. It is the donor’s responsibility to keep track of his donations, paying more than the limit is against the party policy.



If you wish to make a donation amount not listed below like '₹10', '₹250', '₹20000' etc then Please select the '- none -' option button first and then type the amount your choice. in the "Other Amount" Text Field below it.
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