What is Green Politics?

Green Politics is very simple. It is like any other organism. The beauty of Green Philosophy lies in its simplicity. Green Politics has evolved over the years quite organically without being overloaded with intellectual and academic discourses. But, of course, an Ideology and commitments are there. The point is that one does not have to learn the nuances of a complex and mind-boggling political theory to get to the thick of the Green Politics and its Ideology. In Green Politics, you need to know very simple things that –

  • there has to be ecological wisdom and environmental consciousness
  • there has to be sustainability
  • there has to be participatory democracy
  • there has to be cultural and politico-economic justice and parity
  • there has to be social and gender justice
  • there has to be equal rights for all and respect for human rights
  • there has to be non-violence in all spheres of life, etc.

These principles are very simple and one does not need to be “academically” and “intellectually” learned to understand all these attributes. It is because these values come to us all quite naturally and organically. In simple words, Green Politics is based on natural good, and by the ordinary people, for the ordinary people!