India Greens Party Congratulates Delhi Voters for Aam Aadmi Party’s Third Consecutive Victory in Delhi Assembly Election

New Delhi, 11 February 2020: The pan-India green party – India Greens Party – has congratulated the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on its dazzling victory in the Delhi Assembly Election-2020 consecutively for the third time.

Bildergebnis für aam aadmi party wins

In a press statement issued today, the party President Suresh Nautiyal also congratulated the voters of Delhi for defeating the forces that were bent upon doing dirty politics and resorting to fascist, fundamental and narrow-minded narratives and political approach just for the sake of votes of particular sects. 

He added that the voters of Delhi have proved that religion-based politics has no place in the country. “The voters of Delhi have discouraged this kind of politics by defeating the candidates of the parties relying on the religious mobilisation.”

Mr Nautiyal hoped that the AAP Government would continue to focus on providing good health facilities and education to all. 

The IGP President also hoped that the AAP Government would accelerate the speed of development in Delhi in an ecological manner.

The India Greens Party was supporting the Aam Aadmi Party in the Delhi Assembly election-2020.  Party’s Political Affairs Committee (PAC) had taken a decision to this effect in its meeting on 2 February 2020. Subsequently, the party President had made an appeal to the voters of the NCT of Delhi to exercise their franchise on 8 February 2020 in favour of the AAP candidates for the sake of continuity, better governance, transparency, efficiency and clean politics and environment. 

The party released its People’s Agenda on 6 February 2020 and appealed to the voters to exercise their franchise in support of the AAP candidates.

Mr Nautiyal said that the AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal was already committed to provide faster and better local transportation system and to make basic amenities including water and electricity accessible to all citizens in the national capital.

The IGP President said that the AAP’s victory was vital at a time when all the progressive and forward-looking citizens in the country were against the exclusionary provisions like the CAA, NRC and NPR. 

Mr Nautiyal assured AAP Convener Arvind Kejriwal that the India Greens Party would continue to support his government based on issues.

Press Statement issued by IGP Spokesperson Michael Rajchandra.