Adivasis and Indigenous People in India Condemn the Decision of Adani and Australian Governments on Mining and Displacement


Kushalanagar, Karnataka, 24 January 2020: We the following Adivasi organizations in India unanimously condemn the decision of the Queensland government to extinguish the title of over 1385 hectares in Wangan and Jalingou country in Australia for the proposed Adani coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. We are shocked to understand that such a decision affecting the indigenous people of Australia was made without even any public announcement. We note with great pain that an Indian industrialist is responsible for threatening the lives of indigenous people in Australia, removing them from their own traditional lands, for which they had enjoyed their community rights for generations. With Adani stepping into their territories, these indigenous people will become trespassers to their own lands, restricting their involvement even the basic rituals for their ancestors.

What is extremely repulsive is to note that without the subsidies of 4.4 billion dollars from the Australian governments for Adani’s project, the project would become unviable. The Central and State Governments in India are also following the same model. The model is: `Support the rich with money that belongs to people and wipe out the poor’. This model of development economics needs much more sharper public criticism and scrutiny.

We hereby express our heartfelt solidarity to the struggle carried out by the Wangan & Jalingou Council leader Adrian Burragubba and other representatives of the indigenous people in this region. We call upon all organisations of indigenous all over the world to express their solidarity and support to the indigenous people struggling for their basic rights in Australia. Adivasis and indigenous people all over the world is facing such invasions into their lands, causing displacement, human rights violations and environmental destruction. While coordinating the solidarity concerns of adivasis in India on this issue, the India Greens Party (IGP) has called for international solidarity of all like-minded individuals and organisations to generate pressure on Adani and the Australian governments to withdraw their decision causing great harm to environment and indigenous people. The question `Development for whom and at whose cost’ is becoming more and more grave issue, especially when the governments and corporates behave in an utterly irresponsible manner, without the basic concern for the earth, its inhabitants and its environment, said the representatives of the India Greens Party (IGP). The party has also asked for wider dissemination of these issues among all sections of people who are concerned about the future of healthy planet.

1. All India Adivasi Mahasabha

2. National Adivasi Andolan

3. All India Union of Forest Working People

4. Jharkhand Jungle Bachao Andolan, Jharkhand

5. Rajya Moola Adivasi Vedike Karnataka

6.  Eruliga Aranyavasi Kshemabrivridhi Sanga, Kanakapura, Karnataka

7. Soliga Abhivraddi Sangha, Chamarajanagar.

8. Jilla Budakattu Krishikara Sangha, Chickkamangalore.

9. Adivasi Art

10. Anti-Jindal & Anti-POSCO Movement, Odisha

11. Budakattu Krishikara Sangha Kodagu.

12.  Budakattu Krishikara Sangha ,Periyapatana, Mysore District,

13. Tamilaga Adivasi Amaippukalin Kootamaippu (TAAK), Tamil Nadu

14. Jharkhand Jungle Bachav Andolan, Jharkhand

15. Jharkhand Indigenous peoples Forum, Jharkhand.

16.  Odisha Paramparik Krushak Sangathan (OPKS), Odisha

17. Anamalai Adivasi Movement, Tamil Nadu

Issued by VSR David, IGP Vice President