IGP constitutes Ad-hoc Committee for Telangana, Working Group for Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad, 5 January 2020: The India Greens Party (IGP) has constituted an Ad-hoc Committee for Telangana which will take the party work ahead in the state.

Also, the IGP has constituted a Working Group for Andhra Pradesh which will constitute an Ad-hoc Committee for the state after a meeting soon in Visakhapatnam.

The IGP, in its press statement, said the decisions were taken in a first-ever party meeting in Hyderabad on 5 January 2020 at the Aveda Institute of Physiotherapy and Research Centre.

The meeting was chaired by the party president Suresh Nautiyal.
Party’s vice-president VSR David and party’s senior leader Ms. Anita Nautiyal co-chaired the meeting.

Mr. Yeswanth Yarlagadda, the national executive member of the party, organized and coordinated the meeting in which around two dozen delegates from both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states took part.

The Telangana Ad-hoc Committee will hold its state-level convention within the next three months to elect the state executive.

The Telangana Ad-hoc Committee has 10 conveners which are: Mr. Rahul Gupta Kodarapu, Mr. Yeswanth Yarlagadda, Ms. Sonika, Mr. Akhil Daggubati, Ravi Kumar Kotagiri, Ms. Keerthi Yarlagadda, and Threenath Reddy. All three vacant seats will go to women.

According to the press statement, Yeswanth Yarlagadda will coordinate between central the leadership of the party and the Telangana Ad-hoc Committee.

The Working Group for Andhra Pradesh will hold a meeting within the next two months in Visakhapatnam to constitute an Ad-hoc Committee, similar to one in Telangana state, to hold the state convention eventually.

Earlier in the morning, opening the first-ever IGP meeting in Telangana, the party president Suresh Nautiyal said the green politics was the only answer to the issues related to climate change, global warming, and pollution.

Explaining the history of green politics and green parties throughout the world, Mr. Nautiyal said the IGP was created not only to address the
ecological and environmental issues in the country; but also to make India ecologically and politically clean and green.

He pointed out that the IGP was committed to the six core values of the Global Greens Charter (ecological wisdom, sustainability, social justice, participatory democracy, non- violence and respect for diversity) and was determined to implement them in the party organisation and in the country.

Besides, he said gender equity was a vital issue for the party and there were programs being implemented to ensure that at the party. The party was contemplating to initiate the ‘She Will Run’ program for the women of Chhattisgarh so that they run as IGP candidates in the state assembly election in 2023. The idea was to politically empower the women leaders of the party, he added.

Party vice-president VSR David lamented that most political parties were not concerned about the people’s issues. Instead, these parties were promoting nepotism and corruption and were creating more and more pollution. He said there was violence everywhere and innocent
people were being lynched in several parts of the country. He pointed out that the natural resources were seen as a commodity and the Adivasis’ rights were violated indiscriminately.

David said only the sustainable living with all dimensions of biodiversity will save the living beings on earth. He said it was a great moment that more and more young people are getting attracted towards the principles and policies of the IGP. He expressed the hope that the party would get so big in the near future.

David also shared his experiences of mobilizing people in his state to become party members and elect an executive for the state. Party’s senior leader Ms. Anita Nautiyal said green education was important to bring more and more young people to the party fold. Besides, women’s greater participation in politics would ensure empowerment and engagement. Dwelling at length on her active association with the APGFWN (Asia Pacific Greens Federation Women’s Network) and the APGF, Ms. Nautiyal said that most green parties were struggling hard to recruit women in their organizations because most men were not inclined to give them high positions in their organizations. Not only this, several of them were clinging to the top positions for the last several years. She hoped that a program like gender equity toolkit would improve the situation and ensure women’s participation in the green parties.

Other speakers also expressed their views in the meeting and said they were determined to implement the six core values of the Global Greens Charter.

On behalf of the Telangana Ad-hoc Committee, Yeswanth Yarlagadda said that it was committed to get more and more party members and hold the state convention within the stipulated time-frame – the next three months.

He thanked all those who helped in organizing the meeting in Hyderabad, adding that the Telangana unit of the party would provide all help
to the party and its leadership.

Press Release issued by Mr. Yeswanth Yarlagadda, Coordinating Convener of the Telangana Ad-hoc Committee and Member of the IGP National Executive