Noida Declaration

The India Greens Party (IGP) believes in creating an equitable societal structure by making the people empowered at the economic, political, social, cultural and ecological- environmental levels.

The party acknowledges the great political heritage of India and the Freedom Struggle against the Imperialist regime of the British as its own heritage even as it associates itself with the values of the Freedom Struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi.

The IGP is of the view that it was the Freedom Struggle against the British Rule that paved the way for Parliamentary Democracy in the country. It is of the firm view that the country accepted the Federal Constitution, Freedom, Equality and Sister(brother)hood for the sake of building New India.

However, the IGP is of the opinion that the experiences of the journey after the 1947 Independence show that their belief in being empowered and equal has been eroded and weakened. And the discontentment has been on the rise in the marginalized and deprived castes, categories, communities, and regions.

It has been assessed that the trends prevalent in the Parliamentary Politics have been instrumental in taking the society in the direction of subjugation, rather than towards the empowerment – towards subjugation from freedom and independence. The intra societal struggles were also encouraged and promoted.

In this light, the India Greens Party is of the opinion that the Parliamentary Democracy in India in the grip of the competitiveness where the values of the statutory and constitutional bodies cannot be achieved.

In such a situation, an effective political intervention looks inevitable.

It is regrettable that the present situation in the country has reached a stage where the policies based on inequality have been accepted at the political level. The society looks deeply divided at the economic level. And, at the societal level, the culture of appropriation and domination looks to be calling the shots. At the political level, the citizen belonging to the majority community is registered like any other common citizen; but, those practices have been made acceptable that promote the policies hampering other citizens from contesting the elections.

The objectives of the parliamentary political processes have almost been appropriated and eliminated. The very elements and objectives of the parliamentary political participation have been eliminated, though this is the stellar pillar in a diverse society. What the Father of the
Indian Constitution, Dr. BR Ambedkar, has cautioned about is actually realized today. Today, there is not a single constitutional body that has not been tampered or compromised with. If we look at the rights of the citizens and freedom of expression to the right to life, we will know that the citizenry has been weakened by the State. The social fabric of the people of
India has also been damaged. A situation has been created where social tension and confrontation are at the top.

The natural rights are also threatened. The rights over the air, water, and soil are also being threatened. The environment is being targeted by domination. As a result, the conflict between animals and humans is on the rise. There are visible signs of the threat worsening. The slogans of the so-called development in such a political climate are actually the centralization (kendreekaran) of the economic, social and political regime. There is a direct link to it with the attack on the character of India’s federal structure. In the name of security, we are being provided with the expanded militarism in place of real democracy.

The India Greens Party declares that it and its members shall continue to struggle and make sacrifices for the sake of high objectives of freedom, equality, and sister(brother)hood as per the Indian federal system. The party and its members shall also contribute towards creating political culture and climate as per the federal structure of the country.