Land Use And Farmers Suicides

In India, the land use is central to the livelihoods of the vast majority — ranging from those who depend on farming to those who depend on forests. A vast majority of the population is directly dependent on land. The animal species are also dependent on the land for their existence. The land use and access to other natural resources by implication are highly undemocratic in the country because it is either controlled by the government or by the
corporate bodies. This results in highly unequal access to natural resources, as well as facilitating the diversion and misuse of private profit.

As women are most often involved in activities related to gathering resources from nature, this means that the misallocation of natural bounties and resources impacts women the hardest. The IGP is determined to change this.

Farmer suicides in India are a glaring example of agriculture’s bad shape in the country. If we do not act in time, agriculture will also have climate-related environmental disasters. The IGP
demands from the Government of India to take immediate steps to save agriculture and farmers from climate-related environmental disasters and make policies to stop chemical fertilizers, genetically modified crops, etc at the national level. Such a move will save farmers from committing suicides.