India Greens is of the belief that sports and physical recreation are important for the maintenance of good mental and physical health and they help in the development of social, organisational and communication skills.

India Greens is also of the belief that equitable access to affordable sport and recreation facilities is necessary. Therefore, India Greens Party will:

01. Encourage sports right from the school level and provide proper funding should to all school children up to 12th standard enjoy sports, do some physical exercises and stay fit.

02. make freely available on television, radio and other media all the sporting events of national significance.

03. Support women players and women sports with special incentives.

04. Create a drug free sporting environment.

05. Make sports and physical recreation as the key element of health policies.

06. Promote, fund and encourage people to actively participate in sports.

07. Restrict advertising and sponsoring of sports by hazardous chemical, alcohol, mining, gaming and other such companies.

08. Ban on gambling and betting on sports.

09. Educate people about the risks and harms in gambling and restricting advertisement of gambling on sports.

10. Penalise heavily those involved in such illegal betting and gambling on sports.