India Greens is of the belief that every person has a right to decision-making in life, liberty, independence and self-determination. India Greens Party is also of the belief that the physical, mental or other disability issues are essentially the human rights issues.

Therefore, India Greens Party will:

01. Frame policies and enact law for the individual health and well-being of the people with physical and mental disabilities.

02. Include people with physical and mental disabilities in the policy formulation and acknowledge their participation in cultural aspects of society.

03. Provide full opportunities to such people to participate in education, training, employment and all aspects of life regardless of ability.

04. Initiate national disability insurance scheme to provide lifetime care and support to people living with disabilities.

05. Provide access to free legal advice and advocacy where disability limits the individual’s capacity to put their cases forward.

06. Initiate public awareness programmes to prevent discrimination abuse experienced by such people so that society accepts them with open arms.

07. Guarantee adequate income for people with disabilities and their carers to cover living, medical, transport, equipment and accommodation costs.

08. Initiate complaints and redressal process addressing abuse, neglect and violence towards the disabled people.

09. Ensure implementation of stronger national access standards.

10. Ensure that the disabled passed out students be transitioned towards meaningful employment, educational and vocational programmes to earn a livelihood.

11. Ensure improved payroll, work conditions and career structures for people with disabilities.