Climate Change and Energy

The climate crisis is both greatest challenge facing the global community and the greatest opportunity for humanity to rethink how we live, in a way that is socially just and within the Earth’s ecological limits. India Greens Party is committed to limiting global temperature rise to no more than 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. India Greens Party, therefore, shall:

  1. adopt the target of limiting CO2 levels in the atmosphere to 450ppm in the shortest period possible.
  2. work to support a rapid transition to zero carbon economies around the world.
  3. Support an international emissions reporting framework for transnational corporations, linked to global carbon taxes and global environmental loads.
  4. work to ensure that India has access to the most efficient, sustainable and appropriate technology, with a strong focus on renewable energy, and that she agrees to Climate Change Conventions to ensure that actions are comprehensive and worldwide. The equity principle must be at the core of climate change negotiations and measures.
  5. oppose any expansion of nuclear power and will work to phase it out rapidly.
  6. support a call for a moratorium on new fossil fuel exploration and development.
  7. oppose clearing and logging of old growth forests, noting that they are the most carbon rich ecosystems on the planet, vital to indigenous people, rich in plants and animals, and irreplaceable in any human time scale.
  8. promote tree planting of diverse species but not monocultures, as a short-term measure for carbon sequestration, with other benefits for the environment.
  9. promote the levying of taxes on non-renewable energy and the use of funds raised to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  10. support research into the use of sustainable energy sources and the technical development of ecological power production.
  11. promote energy efficient technologies and green power infrastructure between and within countries and economies on a no-costs or minimal costs basis. This is one of the economic costs of the emissions to date by western countries.