Tell us more about Green Politics in India and how it will run?

Green Politics in India is in a nascent state right now. So many people and activists have been saying about the Green values and principles over the years but hardly any of them was forthcoming to bring for all that in the shape of Green Politics till the time Mr Suresh Nautiyal, Founder-President of the India Greens Party, brought Green Politics in the mainstream of India’s political spectrum in the first decade of the 21st Century. Now in the wake of climate emergency due to global warming, people need a paradigm shift in their political thinking and get associated with Green Politics and Ideology, and the India Greens Party. Also, we need peace, non-violence, sustainability, co-existence, social-political-economic parity and equality. We require the ecological wisdom and environmental consciousness to sustain and thrive. All this will come with the Green Politics only. One thing is very clear that the future belongs to the Green Politics and believe us, the Greens are the future.