iGP Brihan Mumbai elects its state executive committee in first state convention


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iGP Brihan Mumbai elects its state executive committee in first state convention

Mumbai, 25 April 2021: The Brihan (Greater) Mumbai Ad-hoc Committee of the India Greens Party (iGP) held its State Convention today and elected a 14-member State Executive for a period of two years.

In a press release issued here in Mumbai, the Brihan Mumbai State Executive Committee said that Mr Rusi Burjor Nariman has been elected as President of the Brihan Mumbai State Executive Committee and Ms Archana Patel has been elected as General secretary of the State Executive Committee.

Others who have been elected to various positions are as follows: Ms Sarika Dabral and Syed Abu Shahid Mahir (Vice-Presidents); Mr Mukesh Jadhav and Ms Ishpriya Kaur as Spokespersons; Mr Ramesh Bansode as Treasurer; Ms Pratibha Singh as Deputy Treasurer; Ms Nalini Namjoshi, Mr Swapnil Bodhe and Mr Dinesh Gaikwad as Secretaries; and Mr Anand Pal, Mr Prashant Rane, Mr Mangesh Sharma, Mr Sagar Hadkar, and Mr Tushar Shroff as Executive Members. The vacancies in the State Executive will be filled by the elected State Executive Committee quite soon.

The press release said the state convention, in which 50 members and supporters participated, stretched beyond five hours and it was held online on the Zoom application.

Ms Sarika Dabral and Mr Mukesh Jadhav moderated the convention.

The convention was divided into several sessions. In the plenary session, an environmental song composed by the Aarey forest Adivasi people was played and the iGP President Suresh Nautiyal inaugurated the convention after his inaugural speech in which he outlined the genesis and evolution of the party and Green Politics in India. A video was also shown in which the six core Green Principles of the party were explained by Mr Nautiyal.

The iGP Secretary-General Rehana Siddiqui also addressed the participants and said the party is moving forward from milestone to milestone and the day is not far away when the citizens of the country will take the party very seriously and send the party candidates to the state Assemblies and national Parliament.

Party’s other leaders like Ms Usha Bakshi and Mr Rajendra Minz (Vice-Presidents) Mr Michael Rajchandra (International Secretary and IT Committee Convener), Ms Geeta Sahu (PAC Member), Mr Prabhath Prabhakaran (PAC Member and Member of the Kerala Working Group), Mr Baburaj Palladan (President of the Karnataka State Executive Committee and PAC Member),  Mr Rahul Gupta Kodarapu (Deputy Convener of the IT Committee and Alternate Representative on the Global Young Greens), Mr Deepak Dabral (iGP Office Secretary), Mr Johan Ram (Treasurer, Chhattisgarh State Executive Committee) and other also took part in the online convention.

After the inaugural speeches by the top leaders of the party, activists from various fields made their presentations on ecological and social issues in the plenary session.

Mr Stalin Dayanand (Director, Vanashakti) made his visual presentation on the Aarey Forest Movement and said the Mumbaikers loved the Aarey forest as it played as lungs of the megacity. He said work on the Aarey project was stalled after the ruling of the Supreme Court but the government was trying to find out ways to take the project ahead. He said the government was not on the people’s side and even was lying. Mr Dayanand, however, said that the people of the megacity were determined to protect the Aarey forest and not allow construction of metro station and service shed there.

Ms Anita Nautiyal (Gender Equity Project Coordinator, Asia Pacific Greens Federation – APGF) made her graphic presentation on Gender Equity and said women were still struggling to be on the leadership positions in their political parties. She said the Green parties were trying to provide equal opportunities based on gender equity to women. She also talked about the role men can play in promoting women in their respective parties. With illustrative graphics and pictures she beautifully explained how gender equity was different from gender equality and clearly pointed out that the political parties needed to focus on gender equity rather than on gender equality because gender equity provided a level playing field to all genders without discrimination.

Mr Harish Sadani (Founder, Men Against Violence & Abuse – MAVA) made his graphic presentation on how men can play their role in minimising or eliminating violence and abuse in society. He said men were the main perpetrators of violence and abuse in families and outside and women were the victims of violence and abuse most of the times. Mr Sadani also talked about changing the mindset to make society free of violence and abuse.

Ms Ishpriya Kaur (Member, iGP PAC and Climate Activist) talked about the consequences of the changing climate. She said the climate has already been disrupted and it was rather challenging to reverse the critical situation. With the help of graphics and pictures, Ms Kaur explained how and when the climate started to change. She pointed out that the climate change began with the Industrial Revolution but during last few decades the speed has been very fast resulting in the disruption of climate at the global level. She said the situation was really critical and so much was needed to reverse within a short period of time that looked impossible. She said Green Politics provided a ray of hope but much was needed there also.

In the business session, the Brihan Mumbai members of the party elected the State Executive Committee for a period of two years.

In the political session, the newly elected State Executive members made short speeches and vowed to work for the establishment of Green Principles and Politics in Brihan Mumbai. President Rusi Burjor Nariman thanked the members for their confidence in him and assured that he would do his best to establish the party in Brihan Mumbai. He pledged to not only strive but fight for the right of equality to all and do everything possible for climate change mitigation.

General Secretary Archana Patel said she along with all the office bearers would do the best to make the party popular in Mumbai.

Resolutions on important ecological and environmental issues, social justice and human rights issues, and democracy were passed and adopted.

Issued by Mukesh Jadhav & Ishpriya Kaur, spokespersons for Brihan Mumbai State Executive Committee


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