Is Neo-Fascism Root cause for the Hyderabad Encounter?

Neo-Fascism this word that many might not have heard, people might have only heard Fascism. In India, Neo-Fascism is a new ideology that is the root cause of all the problems. It’s either diluting or destroying the Autonomous nature of independent constitutional bodies. This leads to failure or delay of delivering quicker justice hence people are choosing instant justice rather than quicker justice.

It also leads to increased mob psychology. In the case of Hyderabad’s encounter, people discuss whether it’s ethical or moral or constitutional? But we have to understand where the exact fault? Justice is being delayed because of a lack of enough judges. Supreme court has asked the center to appoint judges quickly despite many requests it feels on deaf ears.

In a democracy like India, it’s very unfortunate that people are expecting instant justice but all those who are demanding instant justice should understand Instant justice is nothing but injustice. What can the government say if all four deceased families ask for instant justice? As a citizen of India, we should not inspire from Saudi Arabia or other Arabic countries, our society is bound together at one place by our values and constitution so we shall respect it.

Police should have restrained their actions. Police are the ones who file the charges on the accused and how can they enforce the punishment? Can the same person who accuses and can same person execute punishment? Many IPS officers express their displeasure over the encounter. Celebrations after the encounter is a slap on the face of our country’s criminal system.

There is no doubt that the four accused are executed, its execution not encounter. However, we don’t want to undermine the credibility of the police department so we will maintain restraint till courts pass the verdict. A great injustice has happened to Disha but justice can’t be done with
the police execution.

With this, we would like to quote Shri Pankaj Nain IPS
“Justice delayed is justice denied, Justice hurried is justice buried.”