Political Resolution

The National Executive of the India Greens Party (IGP) that met at the Community Centre, Sector-92, Noida, Uttar Pradesh on 2nd of November 2019 – for the first time after the foundation of the party on the 18th of November 2018 and after getting the ECI registration on the 18th of July 2019 – reiterates its commitment to the Global Greens’ six core principles
of ecological wisdom, sustainability, social justice, and human rights, non-violence, participatory democracy and respect for diversity!

The party reiterates its commitment to the progressive, secular, democratic and inclusive values with the purpose of building green politics in the country and to have a sustainable future.

The IGP is of the strong belief that we depend on the Earth’s vitality, diversity and beauty and that the natural environment provides the foundation for all human livelihoods and existence of all non-humans. Therefore, it is our responsibility to pass them on, undiminished or even improved, to the next generation.

The party is aware that overexploitation of resources is causing extreme deterioration in the environment and leading to massive extinction of species and the search for maximum short- term profits is causing widespread human suffering. The party will work towards diminishing
the dominant patterns of human production and consumption, including excessive and wasteful use of natural bounties, considering Earth’s carrying capacity.

The party resolves to fight injustice, racism, poverty, ignorance, corruption, crime and violence and armed conflicts.

The party is determined to close the gap between rich and poor and building citizenship based on equal rights for all individuals in all spheres of social, economic, political and cultural life.

The party is of the view that without equality between men, women and others, no real democracy can be achieved. The party is determined to have equality at all levels and for all including the rights of the Minority communities and those on the social margins. In a nutshell, the party is for social justice at all levels.

The India Greens Party is concerned that the Constitution of the country is threatened. Therefore, the party will work for the autonomy of the institutions, ensure transparency and strengthen transparency through better RTI provisions.

The party is also committed to making the institutions of the Supreme Court, CAG, Commission for RTI, PCI, Parliament, UGC, etc, stronger.

The party reiterates its commitment towards Federalism, especially in the non-Hindi states.

The party is in favour of the restoration of Article 370 of the Constitution and demands from the government to release all political detainees in Jammu & Kashmir. We also demand that the human rights of the citizens there have to be respected and the dialogue process started.

The party also resolves to:

. Support an amicable settlement of the Ayodhya issue
· Demand equitable New Education policy
· Support Farmers and farming economy
· Demand protective Labour rights
· Support real Freedom of speech
· Support safeguards protecting from offensive new technology
· Support media rights
· Support paradigm shift in the perspectives of security
· Oppose Militarism
· Oppose development resulting as the concentration of assets
· Demand political spaces and political rights and political empowerment
· Support the economic empowerment of common citizens
· Demand Police reform
· Demand Judicial Reform
· Demand protection of civil society and their rights
· Ask for health and care rights
· Ask for Right of language
· Oppose Communalism and hate speech campaigns
· Campaign against plastic and for the abolition of single-use, etc.