Banking And Finance

India Greens is of the belief that all political systems and systems of governance need to be transparent and ethical. India Greens Party is of the belief that the finance and banking systems have to be transparent and ethical.

Therefore, India Greens Party will:

01. Ensure ethics and transparency in financial and banking sectors and activities.

02. Minimise ATM and other access fees so that banks do not earn profit from people accessing their own money.

03. Abolish the minimum balance criteria in certain types of accounts because all citizens are not sound financially to keep a minimum balance.

04. Encourage the uptaking of those projects which are economically sound and environment friendly incurring profits in the long run.

05. Strengthen regulation to ensure effective transparency and reduction of systematic risks.

06. Promote competition in the banking and finance sectors.

07. Regulate financial advice services to ensure impartiality, transparency and protection of consumer interests.