COP23 Statement – Global Greens Parliamentarians Association

COP23 Statement – Global Greens Parliamentarians Association

Posted 15 November, 2017

Global Greens Parliamentarians Association (GGPA) members participating in the 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP23) of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change call for an accelerated timetable to move away from fossil fuels.

“While we await the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on the pathway to 1.5 degrees Celsius due in October 2018, it is already known that the current impact of countries achieving their targets still leaves us far from achieving the Paris Agreement’s goal. The Nationally Determined Contributions must be ‘ratcheted up,’ as is anticipated in the Paris Agreement,” said the GGPA group at COP23.

To avoid catastrophic levels of climate change much more must be done.  While global negotiators focus on technical work and clarity around road maps, rules and work plans, the Global Greens call for action.

The following goals are endorsed by Global Greens at COP23:

1) Coal Phase-out on an accelerated basis.  As coal is phased out of electricity, it must not be replaced by other fossil fuels. Renewable energy can replace fossil fuels.

2) Innovative financing, including through Green Bonds, to mobilize money to advance renewable energy replacing coal.  There is no need and no role for nuclear energy to replace carbon energy.

3) Establish a global carbon tax on international aviation and shipping.  If international shipping and aviation were a country, it would be the 7th biggest emitter of GHG.

4) Ensure at least $100 billion/year is provided for climate finance as promised by industrialized countries in the Copenhagen Accord.  Climate finance would be supported by funds generated from the global carbon tax on international shipping and aviation.

5) Commit to a global programme to replant the world’s mangrove forests.  Globally as much as 35% of mangroves have been clear-cut for tourism and shrimp ponds. Replanting mangroves assist the world’s fisheries, protects tropical coastal communities from extreme weather events, fights poverty, aids biodiversity and sequester carbon. Unlike other forest offsets, mangroves do not run the risk of burning down as the forests are rooted in water.

6) Commit to significant enhancements of industrialized nation support for Adaptation and Loss and Damage.


The group of GGPA affiliates at COP23 includes: 

  • Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament in Canada and Leader of the Green Party of Canada
  • Adam Bandt, Federal Member of Parliament for Melbourne and the Australian Greens
  • Bärbel Höhn, Former member of the German Bundestag and Chair of the Committee on the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety
  • Didace Pembe, Député National, Ministre honoraire de l’Environnement, Président National du Parti Ecologiste Congolais – Les Verts, Président de la Fédération des Partis écologistes et Verts d’Afrique Centrale)
  • Yael Paran, Member of the Israeli Knesset
  • Florent Marcellesi, Member of European Parliament and the Greens/EFA
  • Bas Eickhout, Member of European Parliament and the Greens/EFA
  • Satu Hassi, Member of Parliament in Finland
  • Ronan Dantec, Sénateur de Loire-Atlantique Vice-président de la commission de l’aménagement du territoire et du développement durable
  • Agneta Granström, Green Party of Sweden Councillor in the Regional Assembly of Norrbotten
  • Eva Larsson, Mayor of Skarpnäck and Stockholm City Councillor for the Green Party of Sweden
  • Eva Hallström, Councillor of County council in Värmland for the Green Party of Sweden