27th September 2017.

Press Release

BENGALURU, Sept 27: INDIA GREENS PARTY, the first Green party in India with a national perspective, held its Southern meeting in Bengaluru (Karnataka) on 26th of this month.

Chaired by National Convener of the party, Suresh Nautiyal, the meeting authorised party’s Southern Convener, Vijayasingh Ronald David (Roy David) to create party’s state units in five Southern states — Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Mr David, who has been championing the cause of social justice for last so many years in Karnataka and other Southern states, will appoint State Conveners and State Coordinators in all these five states by the end of 2017.

Mohd Shabir, an education consultant from Kerala, has been nominated on the National Steering Committee of the IG. He will also be a Member of the Media & Communication Committee of the party.

A regional meeting of the five Southern states has also been proposed, but Mr David will take a decision in this regard after consulting the office bearers in the five Southern states. This means, the regional meeting of IG is possible only next year.

Addressing the day-long meeting, IG National Convener, Suresh Nautiyal, reiterated party’s commitment to its six core values — ecological wisdom, sustainability, non-violence, social justice, participatory democracy and respect for diversity.

Mr Nautiyal said after regional meetings in other parts of the country, a National Convention will be organised in the year 2018 to endorse and adopt party’s constitution & manifesto and elect its national body according to its constitution.

The IG National Convener called upon all the Green movements, Green organisations and Green individuals to join hands with IG and make a great Green political movement in the country as only Green politics would save the people and the Earth from the impending ecological catastrophe in view of the climate change due to disastrous policies of the governments.

Mr Nautiyal said, women’s participation in the organisation has to be equal like that of the marginalised communities.

Mr David said, he will focus on the youth as they are the future leaders. He agred with the National Convener that women’s participation in the party organisation also needed to be increased.

Mr Prashant Tandon, a senior journalist & Head of the Constitution Committee of the party, was also there in Bengaluru for the pre-meeting consultations with the party members in the South.

– Vijayasingh Ronald David, Convener South, India Greens Party.