India Greens believes that women’s empowerment and gender equality are not local issues rather they are global issues which need to be taken into consideration from the grassroots level. People talk about gender equality but the question is do they really bring it into practice? 

India Greens believes that when a woman raises her voice she should not be asked to keep quiet.

India Greens believes when a woman tries to live her life on her own terms, she should be allowed to do so.

India Greens is of the opinion that the enormous number of policies formulated for the upliftment of women and conservation of their human rights should be respected and implement in letter and spirit.

India Greens believes that the mindset of people needs to be changed and people need to look at women with respect, love and gratitude.

India Greens is of the opinion that women should not be judged by what they wear and how they carry themselves and their individuality and uniqueness should be respected.

India Greens believes that despite holding reverent positions, the position and situation of women across the country and the globe is pitiable and vulnerable. Therefore, India Greens Party is of the opinion that we need to create an atmosphere where incidents like acid throwing, child marriage, domestic violence, female infanticide, sex selective abortion, honour killing, accusations of witchcraft, rape, sexual harassment, trafficking, etc., do not take place.

India Greens is of the view that the women enjoy social, cultural, economic, political, ecological and emotional rights like the men.

For India Greens Party, Feminism doesn’t mean talking about a woman being superior to a man but it talks about gender equality i.e. both men and women are to be treated equally and not treated differently in socio-cultural, economic, political, ecological and emotional aspects.

India Greens believes that the moment a man treats a woman differently just because she is a female, he is not a Feminist. Similarly, the moment a woman treats another woman differently, she is not a Feminist. In fact, such people are “sexist” persons.

For India Greens Party, the main principles for womens empowerment would be as follows:

01. women have the right to equal respect, responsibilities, opportunities and rewards.

02. equal right in decision-making at political, social, cultural, economical, ecological and emotional levels.

03. live free from harassment, fear, violence and abuse.

04. free from violence.

05. equal pay for work of equal value. Even the housemates should be acknowledged for the things they do for their family.

06. fee from discrimination.

07. both men and women should play an active role in creating and promoting gender equality and equity.

08. different organisations must realise their responsibilities towards gender equality and equity.

India Greens proposes to undertake the following measures:

01. elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.

02. equal representation of men and women in employment,cultural and social opportunities.

03. the physical, emotional and economic effects of violence against women to be addressed through adequately funded, accessible, women led and directed health and education programmes.

04. public education, campaigns and programs supporting national anti-violence.

05. measures to address sexism, gender and sexuality based bullying, violence and rape culture.

06. promotion of women to more senior and leadership positions.

07. all women should have access to health services.

08. access to legal, free and safe pregnancy termination services.

09. promotion and protection of the sexual and reproductive health rights of women

10. principles of gender equity to be taught in schools.

11. sex education must be mandatory in schools.

12. access to safe ,secure and affordable accommodation through a comprehensive housing policy.

13. putting an end to the criminalisation of adult sex work

14. to free sex workers from the threat of prosecution, stigmatisation, fear and exploitation.

15. childcare facilities at workplace.

16. the value of homemaking ,child raising, working for community organisations to be recognised, inclusion of these activities in the calculation of national economic measures

17. equitable retirement income system, this provides women with financial independence when they retire.

18. gender budgeting should be done.

19. actively promote women to stand as candidates for election.

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