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GENDER EQUITY WORKSHOP goes on! Join us for two half-day on a presentation by Green women leaders from our own country and other countries as well.



A two half-day online Gender Equity training for women members of the IGP will be held on 1st & 8th Nov. 2020. The political system of India does not encourage women into politics. In 2018, 11.8% of parliamentarians were women in India.  Women’s representation in India has continually lagged behind. The goal of the Gender Equity training is to increase common understanding of the issues women face in India which is ranked 95 of the 129 countries on the United Nations Gender Index.


The IGP has comprehensive sets of policies for supporting women within the party including a set quota of 50% women on their national executive through to village level and a rotation of male, female, and other top office bearers like the President. Presently, the party has a male President, however, in 2021 the President will be other than a male.

  • To bring together key women in IGP from all states having ad-hoc committees or elected bodies; to meet and; get to know one another.
  •  Identify as a group key goal for the IGP Women’s Network to address at the state level.
  •  Identify mechanisms and processes for the women’s network to succeed in the next one-two years so as women’s groups are in every state, town, a village where IGP has elected and ad-hoc committees. 
  • Design a road map for the IGP state-level women’s group for the next one year including 50% of party membership to be female and holding the key positions in the party structure to stand apart from the conventional parties.  
  • To educate them on key issues relating to gender equity. Encourage all in the party to adopt Gender Equity measures and to agree to its implementation to the state level. 
  • to promote young women’s participation in green politics to recruit new members into IGP and expand membership.


IGP GENDER EQUITY WORKSHOP 2020 will take place online!

Due to the recent increase of coronavirus infections in India, this year’s IGP Gender Equity Workshop 2020  had to be moved completely online. We will stream the lectures and conversations directly to your living room, with opportunities for online interaction. 


  • Anita Nautiyal, Co-Founder & Vice President, IGP
  • Mahima Bhardwaj, Convenor – IGP Women’s Network
  • Rehana Siddiqui, Secretary-General, IGP
  • Michelle Sheather, International Development Committee, Australian Greens
  • Mansee Bal Bhargava, IGP spokesperson- West India, IGP

And many more names to be announced!


15.00 – 15:20 | Welcome & Introduction

Get to know each other, women from India Greens Party of different states on Gender Equity workshop. This session will be moderated by Anita Nautiyal, Co-founder, National Vice President, IGP, Gender Equity Trainer.


15:20 – 15:30 | Introduction about India Greens Party Women’s Network

IGPWN was formed on 3 November 2019 and started with just 5 – 7 women and now there are almost more than 50 active women in the party. This session will be presented by Mahima Bhardwaj, India Greens Party women’s Network Convenor.


15:30 – 15:40 | What is the difference between Equality and Equity

Most of the time we get confused between EQUALITY & EQUITY so Rehana Siddique, Secretary-General, IGP will be giving the explanation that what is the difference between Equality and Equity.


15:40 – 16:10 | Green politics as a priority in your daily life and how Gender Equity relates to this. 

The presentation will be made by Michelle Sheather, International Development Committee, Australian Greens, International Gender Equity Trainer – 15 mins. 


Break into smaller groups for 5  minutes to discuss. 

Room A  Bringing positive change to society and the role of green women in doing so. 

Room B: Women’s voices being heard within the party

Room C: Safety in politics for women

Room D: How women’s roles can be furthered in IGP

Report back to the larger group 10 mins 


16:10 – 16:30 |  What is green politics and why we need women in politics 

 Mansee Bal Bhargava, IGP spokesperson- West India, IGP

Each small group breaks into a meeting with the facilitator and key roles to discuss – 5 mins. 

Team A: Why gender equality is important in IGP. 

Team B: What specific measures can be taken to implement it in the IGP? 

Team C: Help us shape the Women & Gender Equity Strategy.

Team D: Women in politics and the India Green Party

One person from each group presents the key points from the smaller groups back to the larger group. 5 mins. 


16:30 – 16:50 |  India Greens Party and women’s policies  

Rehana Siddique, Secretary-General, IGP. What are the IGP existing policies and know what does IGP proposes to undertake the measures on women’s issues?

5 mins BREAK

16:55 – 17:20 | Interaction & brainstorming session commence- 5 mins 

Moderated by Anita Nautiyal, Co-founder, National Vice President, IGP, Gender Equity Trainer.

IGP members from different states interact with other states member brainstorm 


Introductions and roles in the team in a smaller group – 10 mins

Room A Key issues to address for women in the IGPWN

Room B How women’s involvement can make a difference.

Room C Women as organisers, candidates, facilitators,  – roles for women at the party.

Room D Explaining roles in the party and what they do eg convenors, secretary, treasurer

Break into small teams to discuss and report back to the larger group.

[This is an empowerment session]

Report back to the bigger group  – 10 mins


17:20 – 17:30 |  Summary and next initiatives on Gender Equity for IGP – 10 mins

Speaker Anita Nautiyal, Co-founder, National Vice President, IGP

Facebook event >> Day one>>

Facebook event >> Day one>> 

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