IGP appoints Ad-hoc Committee in West Bengal


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IGP appoints Ad-hoc Committee in West Bengal

Press Release

Kolkata (West Bengal), 2 August 2020: The India Greens Party — pan-India green party – has constituted a 17-member West Bengal Ad-hoc Committee to take the party work ahead in the state including the outreach programme and membership drive.

The party has appointed Mr Sunil Kumar Singh and Ms Madhubanti Sen as Co-conveners of the West Bengal Ad-hoc Committee. 

The Members on the Committee are as follows: Chandan Prasad, Md Qaisar Bakhs, A Kumar, Indrajit Mishra, Rohit Singh, Mazar Ali, Saroj Prasad Singh, Subharinil Ghosh, Ms Shila Mishra, Jyotirmoy Goswami, P Mondal, KM Kaushik, Sukamal Singh Roy, and Vishwajit Kumar.

The Groups formed are as follows:

Membership drive Group: Sunil Kumar Singh, Indrajit Mishra, Md Qaisar Bakhs,  Subharinil Ghosh, Jyotirmoy Goswami, KM Kaushik, Sukamal Singh Roy, Saroj Prasad Singh, and Ms Shila Mishra.

Young Greens  Group: A Kumar, Rohit Singh, Subharinil Ghosh, Md Qaisar Bakhs, Ms Madhubanti Sen, and Vishwajit Kumar.

Fundraising Group: Sunil KumarSingh, Indrajit Mishra, Jyotirmoy Goswami, A Kumar, Ms Shila Mishra, Saroj Prasad Singh, and KM Kaushik.

State Women’s Network: Ms Shila Mishra, Ms Saroj Prasad Singh, Ms Madhubanti Sen.

According to a press release issued here, the decision was taken in a meeting conducted online Zoom meeting, keeping in mind the pandemic situation, on 2 August 2020. 

The online meeting was chaired by the IGP National President Suresh Nautiyal. 

National Vice-President Anita Nautiyal, Secretary-General Rehana Siddiqui and Young Greens Committee Deputy Convener Ashish Thakuri also took part in the meeting.

The Ad-hoc Committee will recruit an adequate number of women to have gender balance in it.

The Ad-hoc Committee has also created some groups to take care of the membership drive, young greens issues and women’s issues.

The Ad-hoc Committee will convene its next meeting quite soon to chalk out its programmes and campaigns, and connect it to the ongoing environmental movements and campaigns in the state. 

Presiding over the meeting, party President Suresh Nautiyal said that it would be a temporary committee until the West Bengal unit of the party elected its executive. 

Mr Nautiyal said the IGP was the only party that was following the six core principles — ecological wisdom, sustainability, social justice, non-violence, participatory democracy and respect for diversity — of the Global Greens at a national level. He further said these core principles were the values that gave hope to the party cadres.

All members of the West Bengal Ad-hoc Committee also shared their experiences and said that there was a great need to connect with the environmental movements. The members promised to work for the betterment of society and contribute positively towards the development of the party and the country.