Personal Protocol for 21 day Lockdown

Lockdown  imposed all over the country, but you need to go out for daily essentials. Follow these ONEs.

ONE person: Identify one adult in a family for going out. Only he or she should go out. NOBODY ELSE.

ONE dress: Use only one dress and same dress every time you go out. Use full length dress. Don’t mix this dress with your other dresses. 

ONE wallet: Use only one wallet. Don’t mix these currency, coins and cards with other which already are there at home.

ONE shopping bag: Use only one and same shopping bag every time. 

ONE vehicle: Use same vehicle and key. Avoid public transportation.

ONE go: Avoid going out multiple times. Finish all your work in one go.

Avoid taking mobile phone or restrict using it.

Avoid crowding and come back immediately once you finish your work.

Use your non – dominant hand or elbow to open the door or push the buttons. 

Once you come back: Keep your dress, wallet, bags, keys in a separate bag. Don’t mix with others. Wash your hands and face thoroughly before touching anything and anyone. Clean your mobile phone surface with sanitizer. Best is to avoid mobile phone. 

Remember, we CAN’T AVOID exposure but CAN REDUCE exposure