Women’s safety is among the biggest issues in our country. Day-by-day, an increasing number of rape cases and domestic violence have triggered the urgency of strong and practical action-plan to stop that or at least minimize the number as much as possible. The women are needed to be protected from sexual and gender-based violence. First of all, we need some changes in-laws. We already have very strong laws against violence and harassment but they are just on paper. Therefore, we need more implementation. We also need to create awareness about the laws that can help the victims.

Strong support from the police as well as from the society is urgently required. Also, a change in the thought processes of society and men through awareness programmes in schools is the need of the hour. This way, we can also teach our next generation and create a better environment for women. It would be better if we made our women strong enough or
prepared them to handle these kinds of situations by themselves. Running self-defence programmes in school, colleges, offices and in the neighbourhoods where women gather. Making such training mandatory for all women at the workplace, colleges and schools would benefit them.

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