An increasing number of court rulings and legislation worldwide have been recognizing the rights of Nature to be protected and preserved. Recognizing these rights also entails the recognition that Nature has the right to stand in court and to be represented for its defence. This is still an incipient field and every step taken in this direction constitutes a precedent from which to learn and on which to base new rulings and legislation initiatives. Within this doctrine, rivers seem to be on the spotlight and court rulings on the rights of rivers are the ones setting precedent. These cases have taken place in New Zealand, Ecuador, and Colombia besides India. The India Greens party demands that the government to consider what all these rulings and legislation worldwide say about the rights of Nature and what legal
and systemic considerations should be taken into account as the recognition of the rights of Nature. The India Greens Party also demands revocation of the amendments in all those Acts, including in the mountainous states like Uttarakhand, that affected the environment, ecology and people.

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